The Last Time We Say Goodbye (13+)

The Last Time We Say Goodbye

Author: Cynthia Hand

Recommended age group: 13 years+

Description: All of the feelings and behaviours are felt in this book about surviving after suicide. Lexie is dealing with her parents divorce after their inability to cope with her brothers suicide death. Starting with her guilt about not doing enough to help her brother this, turns into withdrawing and isolating herself which cause her friends to move away emotionally.  It travels a well-trodden path of grief and loss and shows exactly how isolated you feel

Eggs (9+)


Author: Jerry Spinelli

Recommended age group: 9 years+

Description:David and Primrose both come together at a difficult time in their life while trying to make sense of their own loss.  While bonding together over their shared feelings, they use all the emotions and behaviours of children in pain – anger, fear, acting out, breaking rules and both find something in each other to allow themselves to heal.

Inkling (13+)


Author: Kenneth Oppel

Recommended age group: 13 years+

Description: A fun and lighthearted (to a point) book where the hero is an ink blot.  Inkling escapes from a sketchbook created by Ethan’s dad and Ethan uses Inkling to help his dad remove the creative block that began after the death of his wife (Ethan’s mother). Inkling brings together a family separated by their isolating feelings of grief. Before Inkling leaves forever, he is determined to bring them all together to live a better and happier life.  

Bridge to Terabithia (13+)

Bridge to Terabithia

Author: Katherine Paterson

Recommended age group: 9 years+

Description: A beautiful story of friendship and loss, it is centred around the relationship between Jess & Leslie and the long summer afternoons they spent creating an enchanted land in the woods called “Terabithia”. A book your tween can read by themselves to feel comfort about the feelings associated with loss – it is also one adults can read and will result with them feeling all the feels!! Also now a movie, you can share as a family for an opportunity to discuss how loss affects you.

Mockingbird (10+)


Author: Kathryn Erskine

Recommended age group: 10 years+

Description: Written in the first person of Caitlin, a 10 year old girl on the spectrum who is trying to deal with the shooting death of her brother. Being left emotionally to deal with her grief as her parents struggle with their own, she is faced with the added difficulties often faced by people with ASD. With the help of a new friend and a special school counsellor Caitlin is finally able to understand empathy – and after she “gets” compassion, so do many others around her.

Cures for Heartbreak (14+)

Cures for Heartbreak

Author: Margo Rabb

Recommended age group: 14 years+

Description: The books main character Mia loses both her mother and father in separate events without warning, and she takes you on a journey of discovery and acceptance through the minefield of being a teenager. If nothing else Mia is easy to connect with, and understand that whatever you are facing, you are not alone – even if your loss or life is not the same as hers. Warning: Mentions of mental illness, sexual discussion, minor alcohol use.  Mentions holocaust and aftermath.