What I Leave Behind

Author: Alison McGhee

Recommended age group: 12 years+

Description: A 100-page book with 100 chapters of 100 words each.  A small book with a big punch.  It might be small but it’s not easy to read. Will walks and walks and walks trying to walk out the pain of his dads death.  He spends the time remembering (and trying not to remember) big and small moments in his life. There is no specific plot, it is the meanderings of a teen in pain and told as his inner monologue. As these emotions and thoughts circle his head, he starts to make sense of himself, his life, his dad and the world around him. The biggest lesson he learns? The way out of his grief and isolation is reaching out to those around him. Warning:  mentions of love, suicide and rape.  Some strong language but many opportunities for discussions.