Night of Magic – Titanium Sponsor

As a ‘Titanium Sponsor’, your Night of Magic experience will be one to remember.

Below is a detailed list of what’s included in your Titanium Sponsorship package.

Titanium Sponsor:

$25,000- 30 Persons 3 tables ( 1 available)

Your contribution includes

Sponsor 12 or more children to a Camp Magic® program

Sponsor 30 individual children to a Camp Magic® Virtual camp program

Recognised as Night of Magic presented by your Brand

Priority table placement with VIP service

Corporate identification on tables

Guest Speaker to join your guests for dinner

Introductions to Emcee’s and speakers on the night

Thank you message from a Feel the Magic® beneficiary

All guests invited to exclusive pre-event drinks area, serving premium French Champagne and Whiskey

Full Page advertisement in gala event program

Partner recognition and thank you by Emcee

Logo on the Feel the Magic® website Partner and Event page

3 course dinner and 5-hour beverage package

Post event Activities include;

Social Media Posts – Event focussed post-event

Staff Engagement – FtM speaker to visit your workplace to celebrate the partnership

Invitations to Camp Magic®  closing ceremony, to see the impact of your support

Story in Feel the Magic newsletter – suggest focus on impact of the partnership

Follow up discussion in 6 months to share information on the impact of your support


If you wish to speak to a Feel the Magic ® representative about a Titanium Sponsorship, email