Night of Magic – Platinum Sponsorship

As a ‘Platinum Sponsor’, your Night of Magic experience will be one to remember.

Below is a detailed list of what’s included in your Platinum Sponsorship package. 

Platinum Sponsor:

$10,000- 20 Persons 2 tables (Only two available)

Your contribution includes

Sponsor six or more individual children to a Camp Magic® program

Sponsor ten individual children to a Camp Magic® Virtual camp program

Prime table placement with priority service

Corporate identification on tables

Thank you message from a Feel the Magic® beneficiary

All guests invited to exclusive pre-event drinks area, serving premium French Champagne and Whiskey

Half Page advertisement in gala event program

Partner recognition and thank you by MC

Name mentioned on Feel the Magic® website event page

3 course dinner and 5-hour beverage package

Post event Activities include;

Social Media Posts – Event focussed post-event

Staff Engagement – FtM speaker to visit your workplace to celebrate the partnership

Invitations to Camp Magic®  closing ceremony, to see the impact of your support

Story in Feel the Magic newsletter – suggest focus on impact of the partnership

Follow up discussion in 6 months to share information on the impact of your support


If you wish to speak to a Feel the Magic ® representative about a Platinum Sponsorship, email