Meet the Team

The Founders

James and Kristy Thomas founded Feel the Magic in 2013, driven by their personal experiences with grief and a mission to make sure no Australian child goes through grief alone.

Both James and Kristy know first-hand how hard it is to heal after a loved one dies- James having experienced the death of both his father and mother, and Kristy the death of her brother.

Working with mental health experts to develop the evidence-based camps, strategies and resources that Feel the Magic delivers, James and Kristy are dedicated to helping grieving kids heal – no matter where they live in Australia, from the city to the most isolated rural towns.

The Board

John Brennan


Tahnee Schulz


Andrew Hedges


Our Team

Isabella Simantov

Research Associate

Lauren Galbraith

Program Intake Lead

Michelle Wright

Marketing and Communications Manager

Lucy Archinal-Hudson

Clinical Director

Adam Blatch

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Suffling

National Program Coordinator

Peter Maloney

National Learning & Development

Kristy Thomas

Co-Founder & National Virtual Camp Lead

Our Ambassadors

Melissa Wu

Olympic and World Championship medallist

Lauren Tomasi

Australian journalist at the Nine Network

Darren McMullen

Master of Ceremonies, TV Host

Deborah Knight

Host of the TODAY Show

Scott Pye

Supercars Championship Driver

Betty Klimenko

Owner of Erebus Motorsport

Dimity Clancey

Channel Nine News Reporter