By Isabella Simantov

Whilst many kids were spending their summer holidays at the beach, Feel the Magic camper James Drover was raising funds so another child could experience Camp Magic. He set out to do this by climbing Mount Kosciuszko, an 18km round trip on Australia’s highest mountain, 2,228 metres above sea level.

This is James’ story in his own words:

When I was just over 2 years of age, my dad who was only 33 at the time, died suddenly and unexpectedly of a cardiac arrest. Overnight, just like that my dad was gone forever. I never got to give him one last cuddle, he wasn’t there when I was sick in hospital, he wasn’t there on my first day of school, he never gets to watch me at little athletics or soccer, he’ll never get to help me with my maths homework (mum sucks at maths). He’s left a massive void in my life and I miss him terribly. 

Camp Magic has allowed me to meet other kids who have experienced similar circumstances and realise I’m not alone. It’s given me tools to help deal with my big emotions and my grief journey.

 My mum has shown me how we can turn a negative experience in our lives into a positive to help others. So I’ve decided, that with my mum by my side, in January 2019 during my school holidays, I’m going to climb Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. I want to do this for 2 reasons, I want to raise $1000, enough to send another child to Camp Magic, and whilst I can’t stop someone else’s mum or dad from dying, I can show them that with the right support around them they can conquer any mountain.

Not only did he complete the walk, he raised a massive $4270 which will send four bereaved children to a Camp Magic program in 2019 phenomenal effort.

His story also appeared 0n Seven News:

We are so proud of James’ generosity and dedication to the Feel the Magic community.