Books & Other Resources

Feel the Magic are offering these suggested titles to help families talk about and understand their grief. When looking for a resource for your child, you should always research the title of the movie or book to assess its suitability for your needs and beliefs before passing on to your child. While grief is difficult for everybody concerned, we understand that some topics are particularly stressful – where possible, we have outlined specific trigger warnings.

Kids Books

Some of these titles are used as part of our Camp Magic program and provide a very positive outlook on the memories of our loved ones.


All Disney movies have a basis in loss and show that anything is possible and growth is inevitable once you allow yourself to feel and explore your emotions. We have suggested some Disney and other movie titles below that you can share as a family or for your older children to watch alone.


Sometimes when we are grieving, we just want to feel like we are not the only ones walking this path. For some people, the only opportunity they have is through a book. We have found some titles that might resonate with you. They are not designed as a lesson but sharing another person’s grief often gives a perspective or thoughts that don’t come to us naturally. Like life, not all of these novels tie everything up in a bow beautifully, they don’t all finish with a happy ending, but all of them offer a road along the grief trail in some way.