Books, Videos & More Resources

We have created a list of resources that you might find helpful. Some are instructional, some are an opportunity to escape your own world for a few minutes, and some are sharing another persons’ life or journey.

In the links below we have compiled a list of childrens’ books you can read to and with your young child to help explain their loss and current emotions; some video links from doctors with helpful medical and emotional advice, or from people with their own grief story to share; novels based around loss and grief for older teens and adults; movie suggestions you can use to share time as a family; and some educational videos to show you how grief works and things to help.

For information on grief click the links below.

Parent & Guardian Grief Resources

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Connection Activities for Families

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Additional Grief Support Services

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We will be adding additional resources regularly, so please refer back often to get the most support.

If you have a specific area you would like help with, please send through your suggestion here. If it is something we can assist with we will work on it and release it in the future.