Additional Grief Support Services

There are many different ways you can access help. While our virtual and face to face programs offer wonderful opportunities for children and grieving parents, we also have a supportive and active online group where you can connect with others. We have also sourced a list of external organisations throughout Australia offering assistance to families working on their grief. While some of them focus on a particular type of loss, there are also a number of generalised foundations.

Please have a look through and reach out for help. We all know “it takes a Village“.  Welcome to ours.

For information on grief click the links below.

Parent & Guardian Grief Resources

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Connection Activities for Families

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Books, Videos and More Resources

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We will be adding additional resources regularly, so please refer back often to get the most support.

If you have a specific area you would like help with, please send through your suggestion here. If it is something we can assist with we will work on it and release it in the future.