By Lucy Archinal-Hudson

Good afternoon everyone

With such positive news regarding the ‘flattening of the curve’, I reflected today on how much I have to be grateful for. I never imagined a pandemic taking hold of the world like COVID-19 has – I imagine not many of us would have. This thought gave impetus on ‘the lucky country’ and how much I can be thankful for every day.

The Feel the Magic team is trialling our online program this week and running a pilot next week with some Feel the Magic families. The team are very excited to be creating this innovative, but aligned, way of bringing some camp Magic to support our families. We can’t replace the hugs (although we have sent our virtual hugs to you all) but we can bring the tools, support and connection.

Our #connection campaign continues to kick-along with a some very wide reach from across the globe!! Please continue to spread the challenge and word of Feel the Magic if and where you can. We may not be able to deliver Camps right now, but we are aware that grieving doesn’t stop and we send our love & hugs to you all.

Please continue to stay safe, stay home, look out for the communities around you and reach out to Feel the Magic if you need any help or support.

Kind Regards

Adam Blatch

Chief Operating Officer

Feel the Magic