By Lucy Archinal-Hudson

FTM COVID-19 response update #2: Prime Ministers announcement 18/March

Due to Prime Ministers announcement yesterday, we now face a different operating environment for Feel the Magic in the short-term. The new measures announced by the Prime Minister places a different set of operating parameters for our Camps.

To this, we deeply regret that Feel the Magic cannot hold our Camps or training days during the remainder of March and throughout April & May (for the exception of a Talk Time Team training session scheduled for this Sunday 22nd March in Sydney). We will be working in the background on some alternatives to support of families through-out this period (March to June).

We are also working on a plan going forward for our cancelled Camps in 2020. This may include rescheduling the Camps pending how the remainder of 2020 plays out; our opportunities to reschedule; and/or our financial capacity to deliver. We are aiming to be agile and flexible in our operations throughout the remainder of 2020 to ensure we can meet the needs of our families to the best of abilities.

We will also continue a holding pattern for our planned July Sydney Camp (i.e. we are not cancelling July Camp at this stage) until we know what the medium-term environment will look like.

The ongoing help from our donors and supporters is both critically important and greatly appreciated. Our Camp Magic program is crucial to helping bereaved children and their families and when our world starts to resume normality, we will be inundated with calls for help – we will be there for them with everyone’s continued support.

The Leadership team supported by the Board will continue to monitor the ever-rapidly changing environment and greatly appreciate your patience and support through this challenging period. We do deeply regret the decision to cancel Camp Magic in April & May, however, we also believe this is the right decision at the moment in the best interests of the broader societal impact of COVID-19.

Kind Regards
Adam Blatch
Chief Operating Officer
Feel the Magic