By Adam Blatch

Hi Everyone and wherever you are, I hope you are keeping safe & well.

We send our August update with some cautiously positive news. It is also a challenging time for our families and supporters in Victoria and we hope that the pandemic pain eases for you all soon. We more so hope that you have the right support structure(s) around you through these challenging times and reiterate our offer of support to you – just reach out to us.

For our NSW/ACT families, as noted above, we have some great news but present this with great caution!! We are planning Camps and a new day Camp for families concept (called Magic Quarterly’s) for October through to December. More information will be available on the website and sent directly to families as we progress with the planning. We will be taking all necessary COVID planning precautions and health directives as required.

Please see short video message and a summary of points below:

1. Physical programs for the remainder of 2020 (Camp Magic and Magic Quarterly concept trial)

o      More information and details to follow for our families and volunteers (there will not be an open application process)

o      We are aiming for three Camp Magic programs and two-three Magic Quarterly program concept trials

o      Unfortunately, we will not be running any physical programs in Victoria in 2020

2. For our volunteers: some changes with our practices & systems

o      We will be implementing some system changes for our volunteers

o      This will include a new volunteer management system and online training. These changes will be trialled over the next quarter of year (we thank you for your patience in advance!!)

o      Nicole Suffling and Nikki Webster will be in touch shortly as we commence preparing for the physical programs

3. Staff changes – exciting news!

o      Kristy Thomas, our wonderful Co-founder, is returning to work after a period of parental leave! Kristy will be returning to lead and manage our online program & resources. Welcome back (almost) Kristy!

o      Nicole Suffling, who has been in an acting role as National program Coordinator, will remain in this role! Nicole will be leading the ‘charge’ with physical program delivery for the backend of 2020.

o      Nikki Webster also has a change in role and will be coordinating our ACT Camp Magic program.

Please note:

We will be making every endeavour to deliver our physical programs in October, November and December. We will also be following and taking every precaution required. Last minute changes may need to be made and we will aim to ensure we communicate and accommodate as much in advance as possible.

I look forward to updating you again in September and please ensure if you need help or support from the team, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kind Regards
Adam Blatch
Chief Operating Officer
Feel the Magic