By Lucy Archinal-Hudson

There seems to be light at the end of the C-19 tunnel! Let’s hope that everyone continues to do the right thing and that the easing of restrictions doesn’t create a new wave of virus infections.

Please see short video message and a summary of points below:

  1. What’s ahead with our Programs in 2020 (Oct-Dec 2020)
  • We continue to follow social gathering restrictions set by the Government
  • However, we are planning for programs to return in Oct-Dec in some capacity
  • We will provide the return to programs plan by early August (next update)
  1. New program coming – Magic Quarterly’s
  • The team have continued to implement our online Healthy Grieving Program whilst also developing a new program concept aimed at the whole family – a day Camp concept called Magic Quarterly’s
  • We are aiming to trial the Magic Quarterly’s in the Oct-Dec 2020 period and again will provide further details in the August update
  1. Healthy Grieving Program
  • The feedback on our new Healthy Grieving Program has been fantastic and thank you to the families who piloted the program and the families who have participated in the program so far
  • A quote from a new Feel the Magic parent who participated in the program which, for me, articulated perfectly why we exist as an organisation:

“We thought we had to just “be ok” with our new normal. The program has helped us to realise that we are allowed to be happy again and that being happy doesn’t mean we have forgotten him.  We still have tough times, but by using the tools from the program we are now working through our emotions as they come up, so the tough times are slowly changing from tough whole days where we felt stuck, to tough moments that pass once we acknowledge them. This is a real growth point for us.”

I look forward to updating you again in August and please ensure if you need help or support from the team, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Please continue to stay safe and look out for the communities around you.

Kind Regards

Adam Blatch

Chief Operating Officer

Feel the Magic