By Lucy Archinal-Hudson

Good afternoon everyone

There seems to be light at the end of the C-19 tunnel! As we are now starting to see restrictions lift, more and more people are going to school, work and accessing the public spaces and places. Let’s hope that everyone continues to do the right thing and that the easing of restrictions doesn’t create a new wave of virus infections.

For Feel the Magic, we’ve again had to make the difficult decision to cancel our July and August camps. The venues are not operational yet and along with the unknown timeframe of further restrictions being lifted, we now cannot be ready in time to hold these scheduled Camps.

Please see short video message and a summary of points below:

  1. Cancellation of Camps – April to August 2020
  • The cancellation of Camps from April through to August means those families who have applied will have priority for Camp spots when we return to Camp Magic
  • Our aim is still to hold Camp Magic in 2020 across various locations pending how C-19 unfolds
  • The Programs team we will communicate to all families who were scheduled to attend July/August Camps with an offer to participate in the Healthy Grieving Program and check in for what other support you may need
  1. Communicating the weekly update
  • We have now moved passed two big decision points for Camps in 2020 and whilst we now wait for changes to Government restrictions, we will slow down the weekly update to be monthly (unless something urgent or pressing arises)
  • During this period, we will continue to first and foremost offer our Healthy Grieving Program to those who missed out on Camp Magic from April-August and keep you updated on changes for returning to Camp in 2020.
  1. Healthy Grieving Program
  • The feedback on our new Healthy Grieving Program has been fantastic and thank you to the families who piloted the program and the families who have participated in the program so far
  • We are continuing to roll the program out providing grief support to bereaved children and equally important, to the families. The program aims to provide support to the whole family and this is resonating with our families so far.

I look forward to updating you again in June and please ensure if you need help or support from the team, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Please continue to stay safe and look out for the communities around you.

Kind Regards

Adam Blatch

Chief Operating Officer

Feel the Magic