Who runs Healthy Grieving Program?

Healthy Grieving Program is run by trained facilitators and mental health professionals. Dependent on the roles of those running the Camp, Feel the Magic ensures ID checks, Working with Children Checks, National Crime History Check and proof of qualifications are completed.

What is required of me and my child to attend Family Day Camp?

Healthy Grieving Program is for children aged 7 to 17 years old who have been dealing with grief for more than six months.

We ask you to take part in the evaluation of the program – consenting to and completing all surveys and an interview in a timely manner, prior to and after participating in the program.

Once signed up to a program you will need to commit to attending all the sessions together with your child.

How long is the Healthy Grieving Program?

The Healthy Grieving Program is run digitally, via Zoom video conference. Programs consist of 4 × 1-hour sessions held over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Children are grouped into different age groups to ensure the content is tailored. We ask that someone from the family also participates – a surviving parent, guardian, older sibling or trusted family member.