Family Day Camp

A camp that brings together families grieving the loss of a loved one

Families grieving the loss of a loved one come together for a day of enjoyable activities and opportunities to meet and talk about life with grief.

You’ll walk away as a stronger family unit that’s ready to move forward together – knowing that you’ve got a new community to lean on when things get tough.

At Family Day Camp your family will

circle of friends

Learn a shared language for
talking about grief together

kids support

Connect with families just
like you who understands
what you’re going through

circle of friends

Learn from trained professionals about healthy grief


Family Day Camp won’t cost your family anything, thanks to our generous supporters.

What to expect through
the grieveing process

Children and teens who have lost someone close to them will experience a range of feelings, thoughts, physical reactions, and behaviours associated with grief over the days, months, and years that follow the loss. Read this guide to understand what to expect through the grieving process.

7 to 13 years14 to 17 years

Although they will feel it just as deeply, children will understand, experience and express grief in different ways to adults.

To help your child now and to know what to expect, download our guide: What to expect through the grieving process.

“It changes lives.”

Hear from Campers and volunteers about
their experience of Camp Magic.

“One weekend was all it took to have those
emotions lifted a little bit.”

Feel the Magic Campers share their grief journey.

“I found it emotionally huge – but at the same time it was empowering – and it really took that feeling of ‘alone’ away and replaced it with the word ‘us’. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers. Stellar job.”

Family Day Camp parent, Natalie

“Thank you for another wonderful camp.”

Family Day Camp parent, Christal

How does it work?

Family Day Camps are a face to face family event, held regularly in Sydney, Regional NSW, ACT and Victoria. It consists of:

A single-day event held on a weekend

Facilitated by trained educators, mental health experts and volunteers, and in partnership with other supporting organisations

Each family receives a participant pack

What is the commitment from my child and my family?

Family Day Camp won’t cost your family anything, thanks to our generous supporters. In return we ask that you:

Complete any required paperwork, forms, surveys and feedback requests from Feel the Magic (prior to and after participating in the progam)

Attend the session – please note, all of our camps are in high demand. Whilst we appreciate things change, any late cancellations or ‘no shows’ impatcs our ability to help other families

Make the most of this time

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What to Expect When Children Grieve

What to say to a child when a parent dies

Telling a child their parent has died will always be difficult. If you’re lost for words and don’t know what to say to a child when a parent dies, you’re not alone. Here are some recommendations on how to approach the topic of death and what to say to a child when a parent dies.

You may be wondering how your child will respond to attending Camp Magic or want to know more about the program facilitators and mentors. We have compiled answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked about our Camps.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or wish to register your interest in our programs.

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Camp Schedule

Family Day Camp: SYD

14 Oct

Saturday 14th October

In person camp

Family Day Camp: VIC

25 Nov

Saturday 25th November

In person camp

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