feel the magic debk

By Lucy Archinal-Hudson

Australian journalist and presenter for the Nine Network and co-host of the TODAY show, Deborah Knight is now an Ambassador for Feel the Magic!

Deborah has experienced the loss of a family member and knows the impact it can have not just on an individual but on an entire family.

It’s an honour to officially welcome Deborah as a Feel the Magic Ambassador.

“When a child loses a family member they can be effected for the rest of their lives. My father died when I was just 1 year old, and while I never knew him, his loss is still felt very keenly by me and our entire family. Helping children to feel happiness and realise that they are not alone is invaluable, James and Kirsty and the Feel the Magic team are brightening so many young lives. I’m so honoured to be involved in supporting Feel the Magic and sharing the work they do with others.”

Watch Deborah’s video announcement here,