FTM COVID-19 response update #3: 24 March

As we work through how the COVID-19 unfolds each and every day, we are very cognisant on the impact this can have on all us individually and collectively. It is often in the challenging times that grief can surface in different ways – the loss of normal routines; loss of a job; the loss of our sense of freedom.

The Feel the Magic team has taken the cancellation of the April & May Camp Magic quite hard – knowing that our new and existing families won’t have the benefit of attending Camp Magic to grow, connect and learn. It’s a challenging time for us all.

Our team have all moved to remote working along with our meetings being conducted via video conferencing and teleconferencing. Despite the drastic changes for everyone, our focus in the short-term remains on our families and what support we can provide. This is being conducted by:

  • Directly contacting all of our April & May camper families to ensure they are going ok along with contacting our volunteer mentors for a check-in
  • Redirecting our efforts for when the world returns to normal (whatever the new normal may present itself as)
  • Devising an online support & educational program aligned to our Camp Magic program (more to come on this exciting program in the coming weeks)

We hope that you all remain safe and vigilant with the health precautions to prevent the spread into your families and lives. Our team remain right behind you so if you feel isolated, stuck or just want to chat, please reach out to one of our team members in anyway shape or form.

Watch across our social platforms for more personalised messages from James and Kristy Thomas, our co-founders, who are also feeling the strain of the decisions we have all faced for Camp to be cancelled – it’s what gets them out of bed everyday too!

For now, look after yourself, your family and your neighbours/communities the best you can.