Mother’s Day Special on The Project

We are truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from the special Mother’s Day story that went to air on The Project on Channel 10. Hayden, Aimee and Arabella spoke so beautifully of their mothers and showed the true meaning of resilience in the face of such cruel adversity. Just as touching was witnessing the vulnerability from presenters Lisa Wilkinson and Peter van Onselen. We’ve been advised that close to a million viewers have seen this clip since going to air and this number continues to grow thanks to the power of social media!

This story struck a chord with many Australians, we ask you to please continue to share amongst your networks and together highlight the importance of early intervention of childhood grief and loss.

Thank you once again to every single person involved, especially the starts of the show Hayden, Aimee and Arabella.

The Tickell Family Story

In December 2017, Cody Tickell who at the time was aged 11, tragically lost his older brother Blake in a horrific boating accident.

Feeling isolated and alone, Cody’s parents Darren and Simone decided to give ‘Camp Magic‘ a try to help support Cody and themselves to come to terms  with their new normal. In October 2018, Cody attended his first Camp Magic program and was finally surrounded by others who get it.

Here is what Cody, Darren and Simone had to say about their experience with Feel the Magic.

This beautiful video has been put together by Feel the Magic Ambassador Dimity Clancey from Nine Entertainment. and was showcased at our most recent Night of Magic VII gala event.

This footage truly captures the mindset of a bereaved child and how they are deeply affected by such loss.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the Tickell family, for their bravery and courage for sharing their personal story of grief and loss.