Camp Magic

A camp for kids to learn skills for healing and coping with grief

A free transformational weekend where kids work together on fun physical challenges and learn vital skills for healing and coping with grief.

Every child is matched with a Mentor who make them feel safe by being a constant source of support and guidance.

‘Campers’ leave ready to face the road ahead, with a circle of friends and a Mentor for life – knowing that they’re strong enough to live with grief and heal.

Your kids will know they can always return to Camp Magic – and you’ll see them truly smile again.

At Camp Magic your child will

circle of friends

Have a safe space to gain
coping skills and tools to
understand and manage
their grief

circle of friends

Gain a community of other
kids who understand what
they’re going through

circle of friends

Learn from trained
professionals about
healthy grief


Camp Magic won’t cost your family anything, thanks to our generous supporters.

What to say to a child
when a parent dies

Telling a child their parent has died will always be difficult. If you’re lost for words and don’t know what to say to a child when a parent dies, you’re not alone. Here are some recommendations on how to approach the topic of death and what to say to a child when a parent dies.

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Although they will feel it just as deeply, children will understand, experience and express grief in different ways to adults.

To help your child now and to know what to say, download our guide: What to say to a child when a parent dies.

“It changes lives.”

Hear from Campers and volunteers about
their experience of Camp Magic.

“One weekend was all it took to have those
emotions lifted a little bit.”

Feel the Magic Campers share their grief journey.

“I cannot praise Camp Magic highly enough. I tell everyone I know about it, in the hope this vital information will get to some other child, who like mine, desperately needs it.”

The Amesbury Family

“It turns out that Camp Magic is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a grieving child.”

The Hughes Family

Kids grieving the death of their mum, dad, brother or sister can feel isolated, and like no one understands what they’re going through.

Camp Magic is a three-day camp. It brings grieving kids together for a social weekend of physical activity and grief education, which is developed and delivered by clinical psychologists and qualified professionals.

At Camp Magic your child will

Learn coping skills and tools to understand and manage their grief

Find a way to share their grief story in a healthy way

Connect with kids just like them, who understand what they’re going through

Find a safe place where they belong and can heal

How does it work

Campers are grouped with kids of a similar age to ensure content is age appropriate

Campers are also paired with a trained Mentor to guide and support them

Camp is run by trained mental health professionals

Content developed by clinical psychologists

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What to Expect When Children Grieve

What to expect through the grieving process

To best support your child or teen, it is important to understand what to expect during the grieving process, and how to manage different grief reactions.

Children and teens who have lost someone close to them will experience a range of feelings, thoughts, physical reactions, and behaviours associated with grief over the days, months, and years that follow the loss.

You may be wondering how your child will respond to attending Camp Magic or want to know more about the program facilitators and mentors. We have compiled answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked about our Camps.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or wish to register your interest in our programs.

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