By Isabella Simantov

The inaugural Regional NSW Camp Magic® and Parent and Guardian Workshop was a fantastic success! November 2nd – 4th 2018, saw us take the first step towards our goal of taking Feel the Magic® services nationally by holding our first regional camp in beautiful Armidale. The camp hosted 30 bereaved children from all over greater regional area of NSW. Each of the 30 children coming together to learn, heal, grow and thrive from loss. We also delivered the parent workshop providing a safe place for parents and guardians to learn the tools necessary to deal with their families grief. The good people of Armidale made it possible for us to deliver such a wonderful program and it was an honour to see the children grow over the weekend. Special mention to Matt and Lynda Lynch for all their support and hard work behind the scenes. A big thank you to Bernie and the boys from Back Track for coming down and entertaining our entire team. Each camp  we measure its impact and we do this via Huber Social. Huber Social specialise in social impact measurement and supported our work by implementing an impact measurement study to show how our services contributes to a positive shift in wellbeing for all participants taking part. The findings in this report covers four groups, Children (7-11), Children (12-17), Volunteer Mentors, Parents and Guardians. To see the full report click here. Thank you again Armidale, we look forward to returning in 2019.